SGCP stands on its feet, thanks for all !!!

Nepal bled and still bleeding. Millions of Nepalese suffered, and untold stories will unfold for many years to come. During this painful time many friends and well-wishers from all over the world poured kindness and substantial supports to heal the wounds. Once again it is realized that for cooperation and support there is no boarders or distances. SGCP thanks all supporters in Nepal and abroad who encouraged and supported SGCP to stand back totally unfit to stay. As reported so far 4 children died in Sidhupalchowk, the most damaged district. As more aftershocks added to already recorded over 20,000 aftershocks SGCP starts its all programme at the Centre and in field, though distribution of medicine and physiotherapy services did not stop at the centre. When the centre was closed, children/families were supported by visiting their respective homes. Immediate relief package were also provided for needy ones. SGCP extends thanks to its staff and volunteers all the risks in supporting of children/families at their homes.

10th. Annivarsary celebrated:

3rd. April Saraswai Foundation Switzerland celebrated its 10th Anniversary of the Foundation in Dhapakhel Buddha and Ganesha were installed in the Dharmadhatu, besides fixing a Saraswati Plaque in the Commitment Wheel. In the day long event there were 16 members of the Foundation from Switzerland.