Our Mission


Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s mission is:

‘To create a Nepal in which every child with cerebral palsy and neurological disorders is celebrated as a unique creation of God, and is empowered to fulfill his or her potential’.

To achieve this, Cerebral Palsy Nepal provides children and adults with cerebral palsy with treatment, therapy, education and practical assistance so that they may live happy, fulfilled and independent lives as far as possible. We recognise the importance of families in achieving this and therefore aim to empower them with the resources to best support and care for their child.

Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s specific aims are:

  • To improve the welfare and independence of adults and children with cerebral palsy through medical and therapeutic services tailored to their needs.
  • To aid the development and opportunities of adults and children with cerebral palsy through providing them with education and vocational skills.
  • To provide families with the knowledge, practical support and empathy necessary to best care for their child.
  • To help prevent cerebral palsy through building awareness of cerebral palsy and its causes.
  • To address cultural barriers that negatively impact adults and children with cerebral palsy currently through building public awareness.