Children in Schools

Providing children with the best opportunities in life through their integration into mainstream schools.


Some children with cerebral palsy need a special education such as the one provided at our Dhapakhel centre. Others, however, best develop in mainstream education. In many cases, though, schools lack the facilities and knowledge to accept children with cerebral palsy.

The Children in Schools programme aims to overcome these barriers. We work with schools and parents to integrate children into mainstream education. We provide equipment to help overcome physical barriers, or educate teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to best help the child.

So far, Cerebral Palsy Nepal has helped to integrate over 400 children.

Integration can really work for children with cerebral palsy: studies show that they become more independent, with improvement in intellectual and physical capabilities. Our own study also showed that, compared with non-disabled children, children with cerebral palsy are much less likely to leave education prematurely.

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