Daycare Centres

Easing the burden on families

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Economically, many families with children with cerebral palsy face a dual problem: not only is paying for treatment and support costly, but often parents must take time off from work to care for the child, affecting the family’s income. Daycare centres ensure parents are able to work during the day, whilst providing the child with the therapy and education essential to their development.

Cerebral Palsy Nepal supports over 60 children across seven centres.

Daycare centres teach children ‘Activities for Daily Living’ such as eating, washing, toilet-training. They are also provided with basic education including computer training.

Parents groups and the community are essential to the running of daycare centres, with often mothers taking active roles in running the centre. Local organisations are also often involved in the running of centres. Cerebral Palsy Nepal provides management and the therapeutic and medical expertise of its staff.