Help us to transform the lives of Nepal’s children with cerebral palsy.


Donations make up 95% of Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s income, and without them our work would not be possible.

We therefore rely upon the generosity of donors from Nepal and abroad to enable us to continue helping the hundreds of children with cerebral palsy and families we do currently, and to extend support to the thousands more desperately in need of it.

Your money can go a long way in helping Nepal’s children with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential and to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. 100% of your donation will be spent on organising and delivering the programmes that achieve this.

The following are illustrations of what contribution your donation could make:

Buy a splint

€ 10

Buy a corner chair

€ 30

Buy a special table and chair

€ 80

Fund a family in our Phulbari residential programme

€ 100

Run a medical camp in a rural area for a day

€ 250

Support a child in the ‘Education for Siblings’ programme for a year.

€ 300

Fund a place in Daycare centre for a year

€ 324

Buy medicine for epilepsy

€ 370

Fund a place in our school for a year

€ 1,000

Fund one facilitator for a daycare centre for a year

€ 1,000

Run an Outreach/Home Visit Programme in one district for a year

€ 2,000

Please contact us to discuss making a donation.