Neelam’s Story

Program: Rehabilitation Centre Age: 18 years Case: Double hemiplegic with mental delay

Neelam at the centre, with Lina

Neelam at the centre, with Leena

Neelam is a very beautiful girl. She loves to dance, sing, make friends and listen to Bollywood songs. She loves her parents a lot and I feel happy when I see respect towards her parents in her eyes. She hardly speaks but always wants to share her feelings with me. When I first met her, she was spastic, lazy and dirty. She was fully dependent on others. She was very moody as well, and wouldn’t speak to anyone who made her angry. She joined our care centre and I’ve noticed lots of changes in her. She can now go to the toilet on her own. She loves to walk,
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but finds it difficult, so we made her an orthosis device and bought a walker for her so that she can walk independently. Her mood is much better. Now her parents feel that a new Neelam is with them. My wish for her is that she can join some vocational training in the future. May luck be with her and her beautiful smile. By Leena, Home Visitor