Nishreetee’s Story

Program: Special Education Programme

Age: 16

Case: Spastic Cerebral Palsy

My daughter Nishreetee was 7 months when diagnosed as cerebral palsy and I was totally devastated, as till then, I was totally unaware that such a condition existed.

I was lucky that my daughter Nishreetee had a chance to attend Cerebral Palsy Nepal center from the early age of 7 months. I noted certain progress, the difference in her, in just a few months was amazing, and later it helped her to take a step further i.e. attend the Special Education Programme.

Now at 16 years of age, the progress in my daughter’s life is a miracle. It would have been impossible without the help of the Special Education Programme and dearest cooperative teachers. There has been many changes, in her vision and hearing capacity and in many other things. She is now able to use a bit of computer, watch T.V, understand all the conversation, able to change her dress, go to toilet, can even walk 4-5 steps without support, brush her teeth, can have self-lunch, even write ‘ABCD’.

Life would have been dreadful, if there was no hope for my daughter, but today to a mother what is more satisfying than having been able to give the best opportunity to her daughter, to make her happy? What more would a mother want?

By Narbada, Mother