Outreach (ORP)/Home Visit Programme (HVP)

Delivering vital help to those who otherwise couldn’t access it


While we are able to help hundreds of families every year through our centre, there are thousands of families often in remote rural areas or impoverished urban areas with little or no access to any support. The Outreach/Home Visit programme extends support to such families, as well as providing follow-up support to CPRC visitors to ensure that improvements to independence and quality of life are sustained long-term.

The Outreach Programme delivers therapy, practical guidance and emotional support to over 700 families a year.

Home visitors are trained to help families in a wide variety of ways. He/she will carry out therapeutic exercises with the child during visits, but also train parents in carrying them out. The exercises may focus on the child’s communication, ADL (‘activities for daily living’) or physical impairment. In this way, the programme builds the independence of children and their parents.

The home visitor acts as an advocate for the family and is able to refer the child to the CPRC when required. They can also help parents to develop assistive devices for the child using locally-sourced materials. Even simple, makeshift devices can often make a considerable difference to a child’s mobility.


Where possible, the home visitor will work to integrate the child within a mainstream school. Over 350 children have already been integrated through the intervention of home visitors.

Since it began in 1997, the Outreach Programme has proved to be a highly cost-effective way of delivering invaluable help to families around the country. We hope to expand it to other districts in the future (funding permitting).

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