Roshan’s Story

Program: Outreach/Home Visit

Age: 20 months

Case: Down’s Syndrome

When I first visited Roshan, he had highly hypotonic muscles such that he couldn’t sit in any position and his leg was as flexible as a gymnast’s. I didn’t know how to deal with his situation so referred him to the doctor at Cerebral Palsy Nepal, who diagnosed him with Down’s Syndrome.

I started visiting Roshan regularly to counsel the mother and teach her therapeutic techniques to build his independence. I advised the mother to leave Roshan in wide basket when she is busy for long leg sitting practice. Through this practice, after 4 months, he has learned to sit independently without support.

Roshan loves to play with the ball, so whenever I visit him, I take several different types. When he smiles, I sometimes wish that the moment would never stop!

Cerebral Palsy Nepal has also helped Roshan’s family by admitting his older sister (who also has a disability) to one of our care centres. His mother also participated in candle making training, which we organised. She is really interested in making candles to support her children.

By Leena, Home Visitor