Phulbari (Residential Programme)

Intensive residential care and education for families across Nepal.


Through our community programmes, Cerebral Palsy Nepal is in contact with many families across the country who are badly in need of our Dhapakhel centre’s services but who cannot access them (often because they live in remote rural areas). Phulbari Karyakram (‘Garden Programme’) is an intensive month-long residential programme that provides children and parents with the skills they need to achieve greater independence and quality of life once they return to their community.

Supporting 40 families a year through intensive training and care.

Phulbari delivers holistic medical, therapeutic and education training and care. Children are assessed medically and psychologically, are able to benefit from Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s full range of therapeutic services, and attend the school. Parents are provided with the knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to best help their child’s development once they return home. This includes both therapeutic exercises and areas such as nutrition. They must also be given advice on setting up a daycare centre in their area.

During their stay, families are housed and catered for in Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s nearby Phulbari Aawas (residential home). Currently, there is capacity for four families in a one month cycle.

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