School (Special Education Programme)

Helping children with cerebral palsy to reach their potential.

Often, children with cerebral palsy in Nepal lack access to school, or mainstream schools may not be suited to their needs. They may not achieve their potential, or fully benefit from the opportunities that an education provides.

Our school provides a special and bespoke education to around 50 children from the Kathmandu Valley and beyond.

We emphasise both the cognitive development of the child and his/her wider social development. As such, the curriculum includes individual work, group work, communication skills, life skills, creative activities, physiotherapy, and play, in addition to traditional learning.


Delivering a bespoke education to 50 children

Our teachers follow a holistic plan for each child tailored to his/her unique needs, and the severity of the disability. For children with mild cerebral palsy, we focus on providing them with the skills to integrate into a mainstream school. Those who would not be suitable for mainstream education, but who are not severely intellectually impaired, continue in the Vocational Training Unit. Those who have severe cerebral palsy are taught daily living skills so that their dependence on their parents is reduced.


We ensure that life in the school is enjoyable. We take the children on day trips to the park, the temple and the supermarket. They learn music, cooking and gardening. They fly kites to celebrate Dasahin. Every year children, staff and parents enjoy a picnic together.

Along with the Vocational Training Unit (VTU), the school forms our Special Education Programme.

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