Swastika’s story

Program: Phulbari

Age: 22 months

Case: Cerebral Palsy, left hemiplegia

Swastika was found on a bus, abandoned by her parents. She was taken into care by her foster parents, Sulachhana and Rajkumar. She seemed to be six or seven months old, but didn’t act her age.

When she met Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s home visitor, she was referred to the Phulbari programme. When she arrived, she was afraid and cried whenever anyone apart from her foster father held her. She showed no curiosity or interest in play.

After a few days, Swastika started to feel comfortable in Phulbari. She slowly showed interest in toys and started to become friendly with Santosh and other staff.

Swastika joined the Special Education Programme and received therapy from the Rehabilitation Centre. She showed huge improvement. She learned to sit in one place for an hour, play with balls and follow simple commands.

Her father was instructed in exercises to build her physical and communication skills long-term, with the help of the home visitor. He writes, ‘I would like to thank all the members of Cerebral Palsy Nepal for all the help and support. I am very happy to see lots of improvement in my child in such a short period of time.’