Umesh’s Story

Program: Vocational Centre

Age: 15 years

Case: Athetoid Dystonic Cerebral Palsy


Umesh is mentally normal, but experiences great physical difficulties. He has low body stability, uncontrolled movements, cannot use his arms for tasks, and has difficulty speaking.

After receiving treatment at the CPRC for some years, Umesh joined the Special Education Programme, where he started computer classes. Using a specially adapted computer that can be controlled by Umesh’s feet, he has learned with great enthusiasm. Since he cannot turn the pages of a book, the computer is crucial to his learning.

But it’s not all hard work: Umesh also enjoys playing computer games, making friends online, and is teaching his family how to use the computer. In every way, it’s transformed his life.

Now Umesh dreams of becoming a computer engineer.

By Usha, Physiotherapy Assistant