Vocational training (Special Education Programme)

Providing the vocational training for adult life. IMG_0118 The opportunities in later life for Nepal’s children with cerebral palsy are extremely limited, regardless of the severity of their condition. Many are never employed and instead spend their lives at home, dependent on their families. The Vocational Training Unit strives to give some individuals the vocational skills they need for life beyond Cerebral Palsy Nepal. The centre teaches older children and young adults a wide range of handicrafts, such as weaving, stitching, candle-making and painting, and many others.

Building invaluable skills for later life

The fruits of their labour are sold in a local shop, Christmas bazaars in hotels, and to visitors to Cerebral Palsy Nepal’s Dhapakhel centre. Please click here for examples of products we make In addition to teaching handicrafts, we also teach computer skills using computers specially adapted for children with cerebral

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